Sunday 18 October 2020

Pestilential Painting: First Outbreak

 Welcome back to the Vault. Usually at this point in the blogging year I would have been working towards Octoberfest and writing about the process, culminating in the Punditry Posts and Tournament Report. Alas the tournament has been cancelled and with the local area heading into Tier 2 lockdown even games with friends at home are not possible.

So this means my hobby focus will continue on modelling and painting, and I've written my first Death Guard list to guide my efforts.

Neil from Table Standard is also working on a Death Guard force and we've recently discussed on how we approach tackling a new project. Neil has suggested starting small and working on a Combat Patrol based force. A Combat Patrol is approximately 50 Power Level but Neil uses another definition; one unit of each Battle Field role.

Using these definitions as a kick off point I've come up with the following:
  • HQ: Malignant Plague Caster (PL 6)
  • Troops: 7 Plague Marines (PL 10)
  • Troops: 7 Plague Marines (PL 10)
  • Elite: Foul Blightspawn (PL 4)
  • Fast Attack: Myphitic Blight Hawler (PL 7) (already painted. We met Stuart in the last post)
  • Heavy Support: Plague Burst Crawler (PL 8)
  • Dedicated Transport: Rhino (PL 4)
That's 16 Infantry and 4 Vehicles. Let's see if I can stick to it!

Say hi to Stuart

In other gaming news I've received the PDF Rule Book for The Spy Game as the Kickstarter approaches fulfilment. On first pass it looks great (I'll dig further into it soon) and I have some wacky ideas for combining it with D&D 5e for a Shadowrun-esque mash up. If that goes anywhere I'll write a post with my thoughts.

I'm also looking forward to a week off (soon, so very soon) and I'll start work on the Death Guard in earnest. Watch this space for progress.

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