Sunday, 26 April 2020

Frostgrave: Lightning Elementals

Welcome back to the Vault once more.  I'm really enjoying working through the back log of fantasy models and the next project on the painting desk has been the Malign Sorcery Geminids.

In the Age of Sigmar fluff these living spells are a pair of light and dark entities, but I decided to paint them as a form of Ball Lightning.

These models were one of the reasons I bought the Malign Sorcery box set; I've always loved Lightning spells and monsters in fantasy games and I couldn't resist these two large zappy crackly beauties.

These have been primed with Grey Seer before an application of Talassar Blue contrast. Then its just dry brush Scar White.  I am getting quite fond of the Contrast paints, particularly on heavily textured models where the paint works as a heavily pigmented wash.

In terms of use for Frostgrave I think they would be great for use as Starfire Elementals in the Arcane Locations "Brycho's Celestum" Scenario. They are a lot bigger than the pukka Northstar models, but would be excellent zipping across the centre of the board.

The Geminids can also be used in as an overlay to other scenarios; here's my initial thoughts on some rules.

Lightning Strikes
A localised magical storm has manifested deadly lightning strikes in the vicinity of the treasure which the Warbands are fighting over; perhaps a weather manipulating artifact is hidden among the spoils?

After setting up the table top, determining table edges and placing treasure etc. each player places one Lightning Elemental model within 6" of the centre of the table.  In the Creature phase each Lightning Elemental moves 8" in a random direction.  If the Lightning Elemental ends the Creature phase within 3" of a player's model, then the energy held in the elemental is discharged; every model within 3" of the Lightning Elemental is subject to a +3 Shooting Attack.

If the Wandering Monster rules are being used for the scenario then whenever a Wandering Monster should appear, instead place another Lightning Elemental.

Should a Wizard be struck by Lightning and survive at the end of the scenario then he receives +25XP; he has the devil's own luck after all!

Cultist Bob is going to have a bad day in the next Creature Phase!
As you can probably tell I'm making the most of Lockdown and really enjoying these little projects; I've completed some more and I'll be sharing them soon.

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