Sunday 5 April 2020

Frostgrave: Wall of Ice

Welcome back to the Vault, somewhere outside your front door it's safe to visit!  This week I've continued the lock down theme of (i) board games, (ii) Discord D&D and (iii) painting up some more fantasy gaming models.

I've completed a couple more of the Malign Sorcery pieces, and first up is the Wall of Ice:

The model is more properly known as the Prismatic Palisade, and in Age of Sigmar is a rainbow barrier of light which blinds people nearby and so on.  I'd really like to paint another copy of this model up as a Prismatic Wall for D&D, but given I want to use this model for Frostgrave a magical Ice Wall seemed more appropriate.

The paint scheme is very simple:
  • Prime the whole model with Grey Seer.
  • Paint the ice formations with a 1:1 mix of Talassar Blue: Contrast Medium. Use this as a wash, starting at the base of the crystals and dragging up.
  • Dry brush the ice crystals with White Scar.
  • Paint the rocks/base with Snakebite Leather, ignoring the skulls.
  • Paint the skulls with Skeleton Horde
  • Dry brush the base and skulls with Desert Yellow.
  • Highlight the skulls with Ushabti Bone
  • Edge the base with Calthan Brown
Here's the reverse of the model:

How do I see the Wall of Ice being used in Frostgrave?  Scatter terrain is far too obvious, but would make a great feature piece.  The dimensions are off for a Wall spell, but I'd accept it for the sake of "rule of cool" (pun intended) if my opponent was OK with it.

My intention with this series of articles is to provide "overlays" to regular Frostgrave scenarios; i.e. rules you can use in addition to your intended scenario rules, so here's something for you to try out.

Chilled to the Bone
A strange ice formation dominates the environment, emanating a dread chill.  You can see gold, gems and weapons frozen within; dare you try to prise the valuables free.  

Place the Wall of Ice model as close to the centre of the board as possible, aligned so as to maximise distance from each player's deployment zone.  

If a player's model is within 1" of the Wall of Ice it may attempt to remove the valuables trapped within by spending an action and "fighting" the wall (which has Fight +2) ; if the player wins the combat it gains a treasure token.  Only one such treasure token may be generated in the game this way.

During the creature phase the Wall of Ice may any model near by; every model within 2" is affected by a +2 shooting attack; the model does not receive any benefit for cover, etc.

I hope you are enjoying these articles as much as I'm enjoying writing them and painting the models.  If you decide to try out the rules please let me know how you find them in the comments below.

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