Sunday, 1 December 2019

Power Armoured Paint: Thunderstruck

I have to admit to being bit of a Luddite when it comes to my hobby tools and in particular I don't own an airbrush (they've always seemed a bit intimidating to use).  This means I prime my models using spray cans, and at this time of the year being subject to the vagaries of the British weather.  

Friday afternoon was both dry and warm enough for priming and so I've got a number of units ready to go!  My painting plan involves alternating troop units with more exotic units but I've already diverted from the schedule by painting up my Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine Gunner.

(On a side note, please excuse the quality of these pictures; I've been playing with some settings on the camera and the resulting pictures are a little washed out/over exposed).

This kit has been in the shame pile for a very long time.  It's actually a metal kit and so has a very satisfying heft to it.

And it's been a lot of fun to paint; this is the first Techmarine I've tackled, and I like the nods to the Mechanicum (as also seen on the Techpriest Enginseer).  I was surprised to note that the Techmarine is still provided on 25mm bases, so I've added an offcut of granny grate to make it look a bit more like the Mechanicum bases used for the rest of the Space Sharks (which don't come in 25mm).

The Thunderfire Cannon metalwork was treated to a fairly simple Leadbelcher and Redemptor Gold and wash paint job. The housing provided a fantastic opportunity to try out some free hand tribal markings.  It's a bit wobbly, but I feel it's definitely improving as this army grows.

Let's ignore the misaligned top piston shall we :P
I'm happy with how this project has turned out, and at the moment this unit is likely to make it into my Doubles tournament list.  There's an Interwebz rumour that Tyberos the Red Wake has received a massive points drop in the new Chapter Approved; if this is true I'd like to try a game or two with him in the list!

However, I really must focus on the Intercessors that definitely will make the final cut. I'll post on their progress in due course.

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