Sunday, 8 December 2019

Crunch and Fluff (Part One)

Welcome back to the Vault my fellow Venturers.  I've had a couple of fruitful painting sessions this weekend laying down base colours on two units of Primaris Intercessors, but these models aren't any where near the point of being photographed for the blog.

I've acquired a couple of new books, and I'm enjoying dipping in and out of them; they cross different gaming interests and I thought it would be fun to blog about them.  One book is concerned with  Crunch (rules, unit efficiency) whilst the other is focused on Fluff (story and narrative based play). 

Like many 40K players I've picked up Chapter Approved 2019, the annual supplement with new missions, ways to play, and importantly Points changes for Units and Wargear (the Crunch).

I've sanity checked my current lists and whilst some units have gone up in price, others have gone down. Luckily my rosters remain intact!

My Dark Eldar Ravagers received a reasonable price hike, but this was matched by a corresponding decrease for Archons and Dark Lances.

Moving on to the Cadian 82nd, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find out that there were enough decreases to compensate for the large price hikes (80%!) on the mortars used by my Heavy Weapon Squads.

Nothing changed (unsurprisingly as their Codex is new) for the Carcharodons Astra Space Marines.  There are a number of changes for the Space Marine Forge World units (now brought in line with the pricing of the rest of the Space Marine choices), and significantly Tyberos has dropped from over 200 points to 150).

This has piqued my attention; Tyberos is an excellent character, both in terms of:
  • providing buffs (Chapter Master and +1 Str auras)
  • being a beat stick (with his Relic Gauntlets "Hunger" and Slake")
I have a Doubles game scheduled for next week at the club so I'll see if I can find a means to work the Red Wake into my list. I'd love to see him and the Aggressors chewing their way through opposing forces.

Next time I'll cover the Fluff, and dip into a game system I haven't touched recently but would like to revisit soon. I hope you'll return to find out more.

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