Sunday, 7 July 2019

More hobby time with the Contrast paints

Welcome back to the Vault! This week's scant hobby time has been spent playing around with the Contrast paints again. I've been keen both to play around with more colours and textures, and hit some of the back log of fantasy models.

Session 1: a Frostgrave Wizard, built from the new North Star plastic kit:

The majority of the model has been painted with Contrast, bar the globes and metallics.

(On a side note the kit is lovely to work with; soooo many cool bits. I'll be mucking about with it for ages.)

Session 2: painting my Gnome NPCs for D&D that I received these from a Krakon Games Kickstarter last year. All Contrast bar metallics and the bases.

There are 5 with Hand Weapons:

And 5 with Spears

Easily table top standard, and I'm very pleased with them for a couple of hours effort.

Brush control is really important with the Contrast paints to avoid "bleeding" into other colours and areas you haven't painted yet. I needed to fix a few mistakes, but a steady hand was generally rewarded. The look pretty good as a unit, and from a distance.

I'd sum up using these new paints as akin to painting with Washes or Inks (albeit highly pigmented). I can see myself busting through more of the back log using this approach. I've got some animals (bears, cats, crows, etc.) so I'll try some fur and feathers soon!

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