Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Cool Stuff: Gnomes!

It's time for a short (pun intended) post! Astute Vault Venturers will have no doubt realised that I'm a sucker for cool miniatures, and anything that I can use in multiple games systems gets my attention.

I've been slowly filling out some gaps of various creature/monster types in my collection and I was particularly taken with the sculpts from Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter. The postie has delivered the models (I've had them for a while now) and I'm very pleased with them.

There's a lot of character to each of these fellows; I can see them being used in D&D as NPCs or as wandering monsters in Frostgrave.

I added the Gnomes militia pack as an add-on; these guys are all armed with various hand weapons:

Again there's a lot of character in these sculpts; I think the guy on the far left with the pick looks like their leader/elder. (As an aside I've decided to add a Gnomish commune to The Gift D&D campaign as an excuse to use the models; I can't wait to attempt a Gnomish accent or two).  

The figures are only 20-25mm tall so shouldn't take too long to paint. That's another project on the list then (and that's a nice problem to have)! 

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