Sunday, 6 May 2018

Review: Traders Galaxy Lamiar Gun Slaves

Welcome back to the Vault my faithful Venturers; this week the hobby butterfly has landed on some new Sci Fi models!  Traders Galaxy have sent a blister of their new "Lamiar Gun Slaves" through hyperspace for us to play with and review. So let's crack on and see what goodies we have got out mitts on.

Traders Galaxy are an Australian miniatures company, and they produce a variety of quirky, retro-vibe Sci Fi models.

The miniatures come in the same type of packaging as the last set of Traders Galaxy models I reviewed (you can find the review here), and I think this type of blister is a real boon; you can see the components, and the pack is a resealable zip lock bag. This is great for storing bitz (and avoiding throwing rubbish in the bin/recycling).

So what are Lamiar Gun Slaves? Here are the components:

Still not quite worked them out? The lack of legs, and the squiggly bitz on the left are bit of a clue. Yep, they are gun-toting Snake men!  Each model is built from 10 pieces, and has an choice of heads.

Slave 1
You will have to excuse the bit of wobble on Slave 1; that's my fault in the assembly process as opposed to the kit. The tail pieces are keyed, but I cut those back to make the fit easier and didn't really think too clearly about how the model would stand. I did better on Slaves 2 & 3

Slave 2
Slave 3
As you can see the assembly is much better on these two chaps. Thoughts during the assembly:

  • Much less gapping than the earlier Traders Galaxy models I built
  • The heads are much more in scale with the rest of the model
  • Nice ball and socket joints on the arms giving some variability on posing
  • Minimal flash and clean up required (the only fiddly piece was the remains of a mould tab in the inner curve of the torso).
Overall I really enjoyed this build. It's a little challenging but nothing a competent modeller can't handle.

Of course, any new model isn't complete without paint, so lets see one with some slap on it.

First up primed:

Then a very quick paint job (using my Dark Eldar skin and armour colours):

Right Side
Left Side
Why use my Dark Eldar colour scheme? Well, these guys will make perfect Sslyths (the rifle-armed snake men mercenaries employed by the Evil Space Pixies of Comorragh). Here's a shot with my new Archon to give a good idea of scale. They certainly look the part together!

Archon and his new body guard!
The acid test of any review is "would I spend my own hobby funds on this product?" For this kit I'd say yes! 
  • The models are good quality
  • They are fun to build and paint
  • They are pretty good value; 35 Australian Dollars is approx £19.50 at current exchange rates, and Traders Galaxy offer free world wide shipping! 
And they fill a hole in my mini collection I've been thinking about plugging.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read the post. If you are interested in finding out more about Traders Galaxy then check them out via their Facebook page.

Next time we'll be talking about Mayhem!

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