Sunday, 27 May 2018

Power Armoured Paint: From The Past We Awaken

Today the Techmarines utter the sacred rituals and invoke the ancient rites to awaken the Carcharodons Astra most revered and venerable Battle Brothers from deep slumber; today the Dreadnoughts are roused for War!

Like a lot of hobbyists and wargamers I have a small (*cough*) back log of painting and hobby projects and when the urge to pick up a paint brush hit me today I decided to tackle one of the many, many kits. I've mentioned before that I have a soft spot for Dreadnoughts, so I decided to paint my Contemptor.

Whilst I had found the kit a tad disappointing to build, the painting was much more enjoyable, with the opportunity to try out some more Space Shark free hand on the shoulder areas, and apply some decals to the legs.

I noticed that I built this kit all the way back in January! So 5 months between assembly and painting; that's actually pretty good for me (I've got some some models which go back many, many years that still need paint on them).

And that's perfectly fine; hobby projects typically don't have a use by date, so I'm more than happy to dip in and out of projects as my muse takes me. Don't get me wrong; having a deadline say for an event or tournament is a useful means for Getting Things Done, but sometimes you just want to paint for the sake of painting!

Waiting a while to paint this guy has been useful; I've refined my Space Shark colour scheme as I've painted the Scouts and Devestators and this given the basic info I've needed to paint the first vehicle for the army. They look coherent together, and I'm pretty pleased with the finished model.


This week's other gaming activities have seen me reaching back even further into the Vault; my regular D&D group met and we've generated characters ready to adventure in The Gift. I'm very excited to start playing and I'll be covering more on our Sword and Sorcery adventures soon.

The Keep re-imagined; remember this?
I have a future project in mind as well (yes I know...). I'd really like to combine my love of Skirmish Games (think Kill Team, Frostgrave) with a coherent narrative and aesthetic; I've got something a little more off piste than the standard club pick up game in mind. Again, that's something I'll cover in more detail in another post!

Hope you've enjoyed the words and pictures and I'll see back in the Vault again soon.

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