Sunday 11 March 2018

Power Armoured Paint: The Lazy Persons Guide to Painting Space Sharks

Time for another painting guide here at the Vault!  I've just finished my first Carcharodons Astra power armour unit so capturing the painting recipe will help me remember the details for the future (and may also be of interest/use to fellow Space Shark players).

As per usual my schemes are all about getting models to a decent table top standard in quick time; helpful if you have to bust through a whole armies worth of models.

That's a lot of Dakka!

Here's a close up of the Sarge:

Casting a beady eye around for targets!
Stage 1: Priming
i) Attach the assembled model to a spare base with Blu Tac.
ii) Prime the model with Army Painter Uniform Grey spray paint.

Stage 2: Shoulder Pads
i) Paint main area with Abaddon Black.
ii) Fill in gap of Shark Icon between body and tail with Black fine liner pen.
iii) Paint Shark Icon with with Celestra Grey.
iii) Fine line of Dark Reaper into corners of pad.
iv) Edge highlight with Ulthuan Grey.

Stage 3: Back of knees, etc.
i) Base coat with Abaddon Black.
ii) Highlight with Dark Reaper.

Stage 4: Armour Panels
i) Edge highlight with Ulthuan Grey

Stage 5: Aquilas and other metal details
i) Base coat with Warplock Bronze.
ii) Over brush with Hashut Copper.
iii) Wash with Baal Red.

Stage 6: Metal areas (e.g. Heavy Bolters, Knife Handles, Chainsword teeth)
i) Base coat with Leadbelcher.

Stage 7: Helmet
i) Base coat "muzzle" with Celestra Grey.
ii) Overbrush with White Scar.
iii) Edge highlight with White Scar (post Stage 10 wash).

Stage 8: Lenses
i) Base coat with Macragge Blue.
ii) Over brush with Lothern blue, leaving some of the base coat showing at the edge.

Stage 9: Weapon Casings
i) Base coat with Abaddon Black.
ii) Edge highlight with Dark Reaper.

First pair of Devestators 
Stage 10: Wash the model
i) Wash the entire model (bar the Aquila) with a 50:50 mix of Badab Black Wash and Lahmian Medium.

Stage 11: Purity Seals:
i) Base coat the parchment with Rakarth Flesh.
ii) Base coat the wax with Mechrite Red.
iii) Over brush the wax with Red Gore.
iv) Wash with Argrax Earthshade.
v) Go over the parchment with Bleached Bone.
vi) Edge highlight the parchment with White Scar.
vii) Edge highlight the parchment with Fire Dragon Bright.

Stage 12 (Optional) Chainsword "Tribal" Marking
i) Pencil mark the design on the Chainsword.
ii) Go over the design with Dark Reaper.
iii) Go over the design with Celestra Grey.

Stage 13: Basing
i) Remove the model from it's base and clean any excess Blu Tac
ii) Superglue to a Sector Mechanicus base.

And the second pair! 
And to finish up here's a shot of the back of the Devestators; just simple edge highlighting and wash!

Overlooking the battlements
Back to the Void until next time; thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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