Saturday, 3 June 2017

Why we need to get more kids into gaming!

Hello once again my faithful Vault Visitors; this time I'd like to share some thoughts about getting kids into playing games; why it is good for them and good for you!

There is a slight gotcha; I wrote this article for the wonderful crew over at Multiverse gaming, and I'd really encourage you all to check it out:

Goddamit! This is just a bloody bait and switch clickbait article!!!!

No it's not honest; there is some follow up as well.

It turns out some people liked my article enough to share it through on various Facebook Pages, which I was curious enough to visit.

Of particular interest to me are:

Fox & Ox Creations:  Fox & Ox Creations
These guys have a space exploration game called Bureaunauts aimed at the family market.

and Calliope GamesCalliopeGames
This crew specialise in gateway and filler games, specifically designed to capture new gamers' imaginations, allows them to experience something new, and hopefully inspire them to get deeper into the gaming world.

This is something I love about the gaming hobby; the community aspects and paying it forward; I've written something and discovered two new sources of games as a consequence. Brilliant!!!

I hope you've enjoyed something on the links, thanks for taking the time to read.

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