Monday 25 May 2020

The Dead Shall Rise

I see you have ventured back to the Vault once more. Whilst the warm summer sun tempts us away from the painting desks, there is dread chill in the crypts.  I've spent a couple of hours applying more paint to my Wraith diorama, and the model is now at a point I'm happy to call it done.

Here are a couple of better shots of the Wraiths emerging to ambush unwary adventurers.

I've painted the Wraiths to match the Frostgrave Frost Wraith I completed a few weeks ago. The vibrant green gives a sort of spectral look and helps break up the otherwise very dark miniatures.

Painting Balin's Tomb was fun; there are some nice details like the weapons and scattered books.  Oh and a dead dwarf. Probably undead as well.

This was quite a quick project in the end; I could have spent a lot more time on it, but that warm weather has lured me away over the bank holiday weekend, and this piece needed to be completed for the Frostgrave Facebook competition deadline for the end of the month.

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