Sunday, 10 November 2019

Power Armoured Paint: Aggressors Work in Progress

Welcome back to the Vault dear readers.  I've had a very enjoyable hobby spree this week, managing to fit in both a game of 40K and a painting session.

Painting wise I am working on my large Carcharodons Aggressor squad, and I'm at the point where most of the base colours have been applied.

The gold is looking a bit blingy, but I will soften that with washes.

My game was very educational; for the record I was completely drubbed by Dave R's Iron Hands list but I learnt a lot about playing Primaris going forwards.  For instance:
  • Without re-roll buffs Aggressors are very swingy in Assault. I got 2 Aggressors into a scrap with an Invictor Warsuit and they whiffed hard, putting a mediocre number of wounds onto it. I used the Fight again Stratagem and they proceeded to notch up wounds in double figures.  
  • I need more multi-Damage weapons in the list.  Longer term I suspect this means going out of the pure Primaris Infantry model, but there are some choices to explore; I'm particularly enamoured of Suppressors, and I reckon a squad or two of Stalker Bolter armed Intercessors is worth exploring.
  • Remember that Infiltrators automatically wound on 6s to hit!
  • I am going to play with the various re-deploy Warlord Traits. I really like the combination of Avoid Overwatch plus Advance and Charge, but the ability to move a bunch of units with the opportunity to then Scout move them looks pretty tasty.
Side Note. we played a Maelstrom of War Mission from Chapter Approved 2018 where you roll a dice and remove the Tactical Objectives that start with the number corresponding to that dice roll. In a game which involves interacting with 6 objective markers losing a set of cards which interacts with those 6 objective markers (on top of losing 6 from using a Faction specific deck) is dumb.  Will not rush to play again.  

Regardless of mission moans, the game was fun; deep striking Inceptors assassinating the Thunderfire Cannon's Tech Marine gunner was thematically appropriate and overcharged Hellblasters melted a Whirlwind in a pique of revenge.

Next up is to revise the list, get another game or two in and get some more slap on the Aggressors.  Have a great hobby week and I hope catch up with you on another visit to the Vault soon.

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