Sunday 19 May 2019

Regimental Reporting: Introducing Commander Vasquez

Welcome back to the Regimental Mess my fellow Officers! I'm still riding the post-Mayhem wave of hobby enthusiasm and have been thinking ahead to Octoberfest. I'd like to take one of my other armies to the table top, and I'm realistic enough to know I probably won't paint a whole new force before the event.

I've come up with a cunning strategy; play my Imperial Guard force (the mighty Cadian 82nd) in them mean time as they are pretty much painted, and work on the Space Sharks in slower time. If the Carcharodons Astra get finished then I have another army to choose from!

There is rumour of a 40K campaign starting at First Founding (all the work of Neil @ Table Standard) and the rules pack includes an option for Characters to "level up" using a variation of the Custom Character rules from Chapter Approved 2018).  This was all the excuse I needed to start the Imperial Hobby Machine once more and kit bash a new HQ model.

Commander Vasquez reporting for duty!

Named for the bad-ass Private of Aliens fame, Vasquez will be a wonderful counterfoil to Colonel Staysback (who much prefers tea, medals and shelling opponents with heavy artillery to chopping up xenos and heretics with power swords).

I imagine Vasquez as something of a Wild Card, responsible for leading the Gaunt's Goats and other misfits on the battle field.

The bitz list for Commander Vasquez is very simple:
  • Legs and torso from the Cadian Command Kit
  • Arms from the Scion Kit
  • Head from the Frostgrave Soldier II Kit
I quite like the final result; the paint job is a bit rough up close but satisfies the 3' rule. The basing still needs to be sorted, but I'll batch that up with a bunch of mortar teams I'm planning on painting next.

I'm looking forward to getting the Cadian 82nd back onto the table top; the Imperial War Machine rumbles on!

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