Sunday 5 May 2019

Power from Paint: Trouble and Strife

It's time for another visit to the fabled City of Commorragh, sinister heart of the Web Way, and home to the Kabal of the Sand Viper.  Next week my Dark Eldar will raid Real Space once more to seek glory and take slaves at First Founding's Mayhem Tournament.

Mayhem has a somewhat unusual format; 4 games played over a day with 1250 point single Codex lists.  Having spent a couple of weeks painting a unit of Incubi (Ming's Mercs), I've had a change of heart and decided to take a small Wych Cult detachment instead. Which means more painting as I have had to add a HQ choice! Doh!

So head down, brushes out, and here's the fruits of my labour:

This angry space pixie is a product of the Bitz Box; legs and body from the Venom kit, and arms from Hellions/Reavers.  The Space Marine helmet is from an old basing kit; quite pleased with the result.

I like the purple and gold combo that I used on the Incubi so I decided to use this on a few more models. Side view:

The poor Space Marine being used as a step stone is an Ultra Marine; I've played against a few Smurf players in recent events (all good games) and thought it would be fun to add an appropriate trophy.

The army list itself is a variation on my usual tournament Venom/Ravager spam:

As I discussed in the last post, the addition of the Wych Cult adds an extra element of close combat I've found I've been lacking in the list.  I've played a further practice game against Dark Angels/Raven Wing and that convinced me that the combination of Ob Sec and Invulnerable Saves on the Wyches is more valuable than the Incubi's 3+ Armour save.

The painting still continues; I have a converted Raider which I'm aiming to finish up for the tournament. I do have a finished Raider to use if I run out of time.

The base colours are pretty much complete (bar the copper/gold metalwork), and I'm particularly enjoying painting the tentacles and Rune plate on the sail.

Wish me luck both for finishing the painting, and for the games on the day. I'm planning on writing both the traditional "pundit" post and the After Action Report, so stay tuned for more Mayhem musings!

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