Sunday, 9 September 2018

Kill Team: Gaunt's Goats Roster

Welcome back to the Officer's Mess! I'm attending my first Kill Team event next week as part of my local Games Workshop's 25 anniversary! I intend to take Gaunt's Goats which is bit of a brave choice on my part as I haven't played a single game with them yet (although that's something I hope to correct by getting a practice game at the club).

Today's post covers my roster and few thoughts on how I see the Kill Team being played.
Gaunt's Goats are an Astra Militarum (i.e. Imperial Guard thank you very much) Kill Team, and all the models are Tempestus Scions. Here's the roster I'm planning on using:

As expected for a Guard Kill Team it is very shooting focused with minimal assault support. I'll probably use several smaller "fire teams" to run around and shoot stuff, splitting the gunners among the groups to provide some heavy firepower to each.

Leader Goat (above) will run alongside the non-specialist plasma-toting Gunner Goat (below), and will be making plentiful use of the Take Aim order to avoid blowing up when using Overcharged plasma mode.

This is quite a dangerous pairing, and I can see opponents wanting to target them; I'll run Flamer Goat alongside them to deter any would-be assaulters, or to soften up targets in case Leader Goat needs to charge in.

Fire Team Two will consist of the Volley Gunner Goat, and Vox Goat. I like this pairing of specialists; the Volley Gunner can move and fire without penalty whilst the Comms can buff his shooting. I'm hoping the Comms Tactic (Rousing Transmission) will prove useful when the Goats will inevitably have to start taking Nerve Tests. There will also be a Trooper Goat in this team.

Fire Team Three starts with the remaining Plasma Goat; he should be reasonably self sufficient as a Sniper Specialist with re-roll 1s (useful for when he starts Overcharging) and a Tactic (Careful Aim) to buff his shooting when needed. There will be two more Troopers here (including Doc Goat who doesn't get to specialise this time; I'll pretend he's using healing potions on the Plasma Goat when he singes himself).

Whilst writing this post I can already see other combos to try out, like using the "Bring It Down" Order on one of the Plasma Gunners and saving a CP for a re-roll if the overcharged gun rolls a 1 to hit.  "Bring it Down" will also work nicely with the Volley Gun given it has so many shots. I suspect like many Guard engagements this will be all about fire discipline and correct target selection!

Unfortunately Volley Gunner Goat 2 didn't make the list this time; but here's a picture anyway.

Gaunt's Goats won't be painted in time for the event (I've confirmed that non-painted models are OK) as my painting time this week has been spent putting more slap on the Leman Russes. There will be plenty of pictures of tanks, and the Goat's After Action Report coming to the Vault soon. Stay tuned for further thrilling installments of Gaunt's Goats!

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