Sunday, 18 November 2018

Kill Team Board Completed!

Welcome back to the Vault once again! Life has been very hectic of late, but I have managed to squeeze in a cheeky game of Frostgrave with a new War Band at the club (more of that in future), and I have managed a few hours of painting as well. It's been a productive session and I'm happy to share the fruits of my labour; I've finished my Kill Team board!

Painting the board has been something of an experiment. I used rattle cans of various colours to lay down the base coats all the base coats (a technique I'd used before on my Amera Plastics terrain pieces), which gives an interesting "bleed" across terrain features as you obviously don't have fine control over the spray.  I quite like how it looks, and the application of over brushed colour ties the board together as a whole.

The techniques on top of the base colours are very simple; over brushing, dry brushing and then application of washes and some technical paints (Typhus Corrosion and Nurgles Rot)

You can just make out some of the Rot starting to fester on the right wing of the Aquila. As I was painting the board I got quite taken with the notion of some filthy heretic cultists impregnating the water supply in the city sector as a means to corrupt the holy Imperial Shrine from below.

The board is the final piece in my Kill Team terrain project; I've shared some of the other pieces I've been working on in earlier posts, and I thought it would be fun to put them all together. As a reminder this includes:

  • The Ruins from the Kill Team Box Set
  • A small ruined building (top left) made from the Pegasus Gothic range (with some additional home made floor sections)
  • Aegis Defence Line scatter pieces, designed to break up the open road section

And here are a few more shots as the Adeptus Astartes traverse the ruined city scape, seeking to destroy the source of the Chaos corruption:

This is one of the larger projects I have completed this year, and I can't wait to use it in a game! At the start of the year I ruminated about doing an Armies on Parade board, and whilst I didn't partake in that event, I do consider this project in a similar vein, so I'll consider that hobby resolution ticked off!

The board itself is a "Sector Imperialis" tile; it's made of hard plastic and GW normally sell these in sets of 6 (enough to cover a 6' by 4' board). I'm not sure if I'd go all in and paint a whole 40K table's worth, but I think it's pretty cool for a smaller game. Saying that my 4' x 2' wooden sheets are looking pretty tired these days, so may be a new table layout might be in order. I'll have to do some research!

As always thanks for taking time to stop by and read; what's your preferred board layout? Simple boards with terrain on top, pre-printed mats, the GW Realms of Battle? Felt sheets over books? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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