Sunday 17 June 2018

The Gift: Trouble at Leoric's Logging Camp

Time for another journey into the depths of the Vault my faithful Venturers! This month's D&D game (scheduled for a couple of weeks time) will see the players participate in the inaugural session of The Gift campaign. 

Each character has been granted a Land Deed in the northern region of The Gift, near the village of Hearthsholme, from where they can seek their fortunes and make their names. 

Some people are already making their wealth and leaving their mark on these frontier lands. One such individual is Leoric; a hard nosed business man by reputation, he controls two of the major ferries across the northern river and runs a logging business felling timbers from the edge of the Dead Lands forests.

However Leoric has a problem; his woodsmen have been cutting deeper and deeper into the forests, and they have disturbed the forest spirits. And the spirits are angry at the damage that has been wrought on their domain!



As you can see by the Shambling Mound above I've found some painting time again! I backed a Kickstarter by Toad King Castings for a set of 3 Shamblers last year, and I've fancied painting them for a while now. I've finished the first, and the next two are primed with a simple two tone green zenith highlight over a black base coat.

This guy reminds me of  Saturday Night Fever for some reason!

And Baby Shambler! Aaah!

After painting lots of Space Marines and Dark Eldar models it has been quite refreshing to paint something a more organic. The finished paint job has bit of a comic book feel to it, but I like the overall effect.

Right Side
Left Side
Rear! Remember, you still can't Sneak Attack him (goddamn Plant Types!) 
For basing I just went with a simple cobblestone paint job (two grey tones and line). Quick and easy to do, it doesn't detract from the overall model. Here's a couple of overhead shots to finish:

I don't know how he ended up in the ruins either.
Nice view from the window though!
As always, thank you for taking time out of your web surfing to visit the Vault. Pop back again soon; I've got some more 40K ramblings planned and of course more tales from The Gift!

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