Sunday 23 April 2017

Power from Paint: Ravagers

Greetings once again my fellow Archons. Work continues in the forges as the Cult of the Sand Viper prepare for Mayhem, and my attention has turned towards the vehicle pool. Dark Eldar have a number of iconic vehicles including the Raider and Venom transports and the subject of today's article, the fearsome Ravager!

Pew Pew

Traditionally the Ravager fulfills the Anti Tank (AT) role in the Dark Eldar Army, and I've had one in my collection for a while. Since I'm going with a fast vehicle themed list I decided to add a second to my force to provide a little bit of redundancy to the AT guns.

I've been doing some internet research regarding Dark Eldar AT options and there is a view that there are more effective options (Haywire Blaster Scourges for example), but the Ravager is so iconic it would be a shame to not include them.

The Ravager can take two different weapons; Dark Lances and Disintegration Cannons.  I've gone for Dark Lances as these are the work horse Heavy Weapons (Str 8 AP2 Lance, 48" range) and are pretty tasty on a mobile platform.

Disintegration Cannons are bit of an oddball weapon (S5 AP2, Heavy 3), but actually fill a hole in the Dark Eldar arsenal; multi-shot marine/terminator killers. Maybe if I sort out some scourges out in the future I will fit Dizzies to these guys.

I'm also writing some fluff for my force (which I will reveal before Mayhem), and my two Ravagers have been named as the "Crown of Thorns" and the "Red Messenger"; collectively known as "The Wicked Sisters". Enjoy the pics.

The Wicked Sisters

The Crown of Thorns
For those following my Mayhem preparation I actually painted these Ravagers a few weeks ago and I've gone onto finish my Venoms and Infantry. Just some bases left to paint!

I'll do a reveal before the big day of the final list along with some pictures from a practice game.

For anyone in the Surrey/SW London area, Mayhem is on the 6th May, so if you are free we'd love it if you could join us. The event details are here.

The mission pack looks like a lot of fun. You can check it out here.

Thanks for reading as always, I'll catch you next time in the Web Ways!


  1. Looking good Bryan. They have a very Desert Skiff from Return of the Jedi look about them I think.

    1. Thanks Amit. There is that definite vibe about them. There is a unit choice in the Dark Eldar codex for alien mercenaries, maybe I should do some Bounty Hunters?

  2. Asdrubael Fett, Lord of the Bounty...