Sunday 9 April 2017

Frostgrave Demo at First Founding Games Club

Hello once again, and welcome to the follow up to the "Terrain Junkie" article.

I'm a member of the First Founding Games Club based in Chessington, SW London, which has a thriving membership and sees a lot of different games being played on a regular basis. A lot of members are keen to try out different systems and I was recently asked to run a Frostgrave demo event which I was more than happy to support.

First Founding
Along with the terrain I also prepared a selection of warbands and spell lists for the players without access to the rulebook. I went with the same spell selection for each player to give them a taste of offensive, terrain manipulation, control and utility spells.

Terrain, miniatures and paperwork all good to go!
So the original plan was to run two different games next to each other on these table set ups:


However a quick discussion between the players ensued and we decide to run a 5 way game using the two set ups as a single table. I'd chosen a modified version of the Mausoleum scenario, with treasure tokens placed next to the central buildings worth extra VP, and a healthy number of skeleton models running around the board.

Early game picture
The Skaven and Cultists entering the ruins whilst the Skeletons amble around the graveyard.

Skeletons wander the temple grounds
The players picked up the rules very quickly, and the game flew by in a very enjoyable evening. I was very happy to see people picking up on the tactical uses of a number of the spells; Controlling skeletons, Fogging lines of sight, and using Teleport to get to hard to reach locations.  

I won't wordsmith a play by play, but the following pictures will give a feel for some of the highs (and lows) of the game.

Deployment continues
Above, Nate deploys his Dyniaq warband. These pumpkin headed freaks by Spellcrow are lovely, and have been added to my wargaming wish list. So much character in them.

Top right above, the Cultists have dealt with a number of skeletons, having Controlled one and are now making a move on the treasure. The white strip represents a Fog spell and is confounding the Skaven attempts to use ranged attacks.

Bottom left, the Dyniaq are making off with a treasure token while advancing on the skeleton in the centre who is guarding another.

A Game of Throne!
Above, the cultists have a clear path to the treasure on the throne.

I can see for miles!
With a growing suspicion the Skaven's wizard has more Lemming than Rat heritage, the Grey Seer sacrifices an *awful* lot of health to teleport to the top of the tower. From here he thumbs his nose at the other players as no one can hit him with spells or archers! Lucky little ratty!

As an aside the turrets really didn't like the Army Painter spray paint, as it's all flaked off. I think they will need a craft paint base coat and then I can see if the spray will take. Always another hobby job to do.

Meanwhile in the garden
I mustn't forget the other side of the board. The unlucky Ito Clan have finally dealt with a rampaging skeleton (who killed two warhounds) and advance on the central temple, whilst another warband advance from the other side.

Snake men advance!
And again another view of the gorgeous snake men.

A final VP tally at the end of the evening left the Dyniaq and the Cultists tied (as I recall, I must admit to not writing the score down).  More importantly everyone enjoyed the game, and now we have some chatter about starting a campaign at some point in the future.

So thanks to Nate, Mike, Richard, Amit and Kanan for bringing along some pretty models, taking part and making the evening a success. And another thanks for Kanan, aka ZeroOne photography for taking all the photos whilst I explained rules, moved skeletons and laughed at everyone's misfortunes and crappy dice rolls.

Finally a shout out for our club; First Founding meet every Friday evening from 19:00 to 22:30 at St. Paul's hall in Chessington. First weeks gaming is free, we have plenty of table space, terrain, tea, coffee and snacks so no excuses not to join us if you are in the area. Comment below if you'd like to find out more about the club or find us on Facebook.

See you next time!


  1. awesome write up mate... Frost Grave was immense fun and so glad i had a chance to play... will be picking up models at Salute to use in a Warband so i will be playing this down the Club soon... many thanks for the photo credit... catch you on the flipside... :]

  2. It was a very enjoyable demo, and successful too. I certainly want to play again, and would like to try a campaign. I wasn't the only one who wanted to either.

  3. Great demo, I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to crafting a warband. Playing the demo has helped me understand what I think I want to do with it

    1. Yeah it certainly made me think about what wizard I want to play.