Sunday 26 March 2023

Warsmith's Words: March to Victory

 Welcome back to the Vault! I can't believe it's over a month since my last post; time is flying by these days. Whilst the blog has been quiet, my hobby activities have not. I played in First Founding's Doubles Tournament where my Iron Warriors and Lyle's Emperors Children won two out of three games, finishing 8th out of 18 games. As always I enjoyed the day and I'm looking forward to Mayhem where I'll be taking the Iron Warriors to their first singles event.

I've also played some smaller games; a 500 point Boarding Action (a format which has a lot of depth to be explored) and a couple of narrative Kill Team '18 games where my Death Guard have been trying to board an Imperial Cruiser manned by White Scars and Omega Guardians.

I've also been painting Iron Warriors. What feels like a lot of Iron Warriors! So bit of a picture dump next...

First up is the Master of Execution.

This is the stock Master of Executions model with a couple of conversions; primarily a helm and some mechatendrils culled from a spare Warpsmith. The Master can be given some nasty load outs and I'll probably run him for Mayhem. Blame Jim's Wordbearers Master who was utterly filthy!

I've continued to try out a bit of free hand; the compulsory hazard stripe and a quarter chaos star on his coat. Not perfect but the practice is all good. 

Infantry wise I've also finished some Possessed. These models are amazing but there's so much detail to paint on them; they have taken ages.

The repeat sculpts are the "Greater Possessed" from the old Start Collecting box with the Venomcrawlers, Obliterators, etc. 

The five individual Possessed are all from the multipart kit. And they look awesome.

Apologies for the crappy-pic. The model is lot better in "the plastic". Honest.

But we aren't finished there! Next up is Volkite-wielding Contemptor Dreadnought. This was probably the most fun of the models to paint. The green energy is courtesy of Tesseract Glow technical paint and looks pretty good against the dark metal.

The scenic base was fun to put together; note the Imperial Truth graffiti!

And last but not least is a humble legion workhorse; a Deimos Rhino transport. I actually painted this model back in Jan/Feb but realised I hadn't shown it on the blog. There's a reasonable amount of airbrush work for the base colours, then regular brush and sponge for detail and weathering.

I'm very happy with how all of these models have turned out, and can't wait to get them on the table top. 

Gaming wise for April I'm trying out the Xenos Rampant rules, and will hopefully get some more Boarding Action and Mayhem practice for 40K.

Painting wise I'm fancying a Forge Fiend and a Leviathan Dread. Infantry wise I think it'll be Chosen for some hard hitting Veterans of the Long War. I'll report on progress next time.

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