Sunday, 6 June 2021

Twisted Fungi

 Welcome back to the Vault! I've had a wonderful few days of holiday, and I've indulged in some painting sessions. I mentioned in the last painting post that I wanted to work on some non-Death Guard models as I've got a bit jaded painting gold trim and grunge! 

So first of the mini projects is the Twisted Fungi collection from Krakon Games. I'm a big fan of the quirky Krakon models, having backed a few of their Kickstarters (I selected these fun guys from the Sidhe/forest creatures project).

These were a lot of fun to paint, having used a mix of Contrast and regular GW paints on them. I decided to use some green glow to indicate their obviously magical nature.

I think this chap is my favourite.

Beyond the obvious use as terrain dressing, there's a lot of options for using these models in games. They would make great Shriekers or Myconids for D&D.

 I've based the models on some 25mm round bases nicked from a Frostgrave box set (I have a feeling they may be actually made by Renedra, but can't confirm that). The basing material is from Geek Gaming (one of the Base Ready mixes) stuck on with their fast drying basing glue.

This is the first time I've used the Geek Gaming materials, and I think the results are excellent considering how quick and easy they are to use. Looking at the pictures I ought to touch up the sides of the bases; I have painted them grey, but a good application of black would make the models pop.

 I've bought a bunch of other painting and basing materials over the holiday, and have had some fun trying them out; I'll be showing them off in some future posts when I use them in anger!

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