Sunday, 13 June 2021

Regimental Reporting: Lord Castellan Creed

 Welcome back to the Vault! Today's post is another "show and tell" as I've completed another 40K model. One of the joys of collecting a 40K force from one of the established factions in the lore is that many of them have "Special Characters"; the heroes and villains who participate in the myriad background stories that you can have join your models in the table top. There's also great satisfaction in generating your own characters as well of course (Colonel Staysback of the Cadian 82nd is widely regarded as one of the greatest if not the greatest heroes of the Imperium within my play group. Ahem.)

In fact Colonel Staysback reputation is so amazing that Lord Castellan Creed has decided to go on campaign with the 82nd to see what he can learn from the Colonel.

The Creed model has been in the pile of opportunity for while now, and was a great alternative to painting Plague Marines. The sculpt suffers from being finecast; there's a very fine mould line running down the face which I didn't want to remove for fear destroying underlying detail but the model was otherwise OK (no bendy swords for example).

I primed Creed with a zenithal highlight and used a mix of techniques to paint him; using Contrast paints for the brown boots/leather and the red sash for example, whilst building up the green of the great coat with multiple layers of thinned dark green (which helps to build the depth in the recesses).

I like the Aquila trim on the sleeves; I've used an off white (pallid wych flesh) with a thinned black wash to paint the trim. 

Creed should be very useful on the tabletop; under the current rules he can issue 3 orders per turn, and his Warlord trait gives a 50/50 chance of each order being repeated to a second unit! He also adds 2 Command Points to a force which is a welcome bonus. I look forward to giving him a spin on the table top!

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