Sunday, 7 March 2021

Pestilential Painting: Lord of Contagion

 Welcome back to the Vectorium! Having procrastinated away from painting over the last few weeks, the bug to pick up a brush hit hard this weekend and I've got the Lord of Contagion to a state I'm pretty happy with (bar a point or two).

The Lord still needs basing (which long term readers will know I prefer to do in batches), and I think I may revisit Terence and the other Nurglings as I'm not overly sold on the colours and finish. 

This is a fun model to paint however; having done a dozen or so Death Guard already there wasn't anything too unexpected on this model (indeed it feels less busy than a lot of the Plague Marines).

 I really like the contrast of grotty metal and armour with the more vibrant tentacles, guts and cloth. In particular the cloak has turned out well; Evil Suns Scarlet is a great highlight colour over the darker Flesh Tearer.

I've also used Ogryn Camo as a highlight for the armour and the Nurglings. This is the first time I've used this particular colour; it's quite creamy and works well with the Argrax/Sepia washes over the base green. I think I'll be using this again in future.

I've even stippled the Typhus Corrosion in places (as previously discussed on the Rhino project). It's subtle but helps to add more "grime". Next on the painting desk is the unit of melee focused Plague Marines which once complete will complete the initial Battalion. Onwards!


  1. Looks awesome, like he was dipped in corrosive filth!

    1. Thanks Venger. These guys are sooo much fun to paint with all the filth and crap.