Sunday 26 July 2020

Power Armoured Paint: More Space Shark Reinforcements

Welcome back to the Vault.  I mentioned in my last post that I'm currently enjoying some well earned holiday time, and I've spent a few hours painting up some more additions to the Carcharadons Astra. 

First up is a Forge World Legion Praetor:

This fierce champion of the Chapter has been lurking in the pile of shame for quite a while! He was an impulse purchase on a GW Store Birthday I think (certainly some sort of store event). The model is from the Horus Heresy range, but looks the part for a 40K force with access to ancient relics.  Game wise he'll count as a Terminator Captain with Relic Blade.

It's certainly an ancient suit of armour bearing the lightning bolts of the Thunder Warriors, the predecessors of the Space Marines.

His shoulder markings identify his as a member of the Red Brethren, and his venerated armour and weapon mark him out as a mighty champion!

I'm still mucking about with flesh tones on the Sharks; this isn't nearly as gaunt as I envisage the ancient Carcharodons but it's good enough for the table top.

Next up is another Dreadnought; a mighty Ironclad siege breaker:

This was a bit of a rescue project.  I had painted the Ironclad some time ago in a very anonymous black and metal scheme without any sort chapter markings, and I decided to shark-ify the model.

Hence the application of grey, tribal markings and copious gore on the drill bits!  I'm quite pleased with the teeth markings on the left hand shoulder.

I've added a Chapter Decal to the left shoulder as I'm not confident enough to free hand the symbol. The other noticeable difference on this model compared to the rest of my collection is the old school dreadnought base. I've decided to live with this for the sake of expediency; I want to paint some other models whilst I'm on holiday and I didn't want to have to break up the model and repose it on a flat Mechanicum base.

 I've also played a (responsibly socially-distanced) game of 9th ed.  The Ironclad isn't usually seen as a particularly effective choice due to the short range of it's weapons, but the new Strategic Reserve rules could help to mitigate that. Essentially the model can enter play via short board edges in later game turns, or even provide a counter punch on the home board edge if bad guys get to close. Definitely worth a play test!

The next addition is a Sicaran Battle Tank; this is my first piece of Forge World Armour and I'll post some pictures and thoughts next time. Thanks as always for reading and I'll see you again soon.

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