Sunday, 28 June 2020

Tales from Benchleydale: Anders Freesword

Welcome to the Vault once more!  My studies at the Benchleydale Academy have continued with a fun interactive character generation systems via Zoom and I've rolled my "back up" character. 

Our erstwhile DM has also provided us with insight into various locales within the realm as we've all rolled up "current events" for our character's home locations via a series of random tables.  This is quite a fun addition to character generation and something I'll consider adding to my own campaigns.

So let's introduce; Anders Freesword

Half Orc for hire by Conquistador (Deviant Art) (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) 

Name: Anders Freesword
Race: Half Orc
Class/Level: Fighter 4 (XP: 9901)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Hit Points: 41

Strength: 17
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Dexterity: 9
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 11

Magic Items: Longsword of Wounding, +1 Hand Axe, +1 Mace, +1 Ring Mail, Ring of Swimming.

Personality Trait; Helpful/Kindly, Friendly. Morals: Virtuous. Nature: Jealous.

Ander's earliest memories were of travelling with the old tinker Fareman Long as a small child although he doesn't recall how he came into the bluff wanderer's company.  Anders does remember Fareman finally passing away from old age as the pair had travelled to the small village Cromwell, nestled within the woods between Okarr's Tower and the Zooberus Mountains; and he will always be grateful to the Widow Meriel who took the lonely child into her care.

Anders grew into robust and healthy adulthood, learning the woodsman's trade and a strong sense of "what's right" from the good Widow.  Anders found not everyone in the small community so accepting of him however; whilst his fellow villages were grateful for his labours they were not so keen on his company.  When Meriel passed away Anders found himself alone once again; gathering his few belongings and coins he bade farewell to Cromwell and left in a manner to his arrival; travelling with one of the merchants who visit Cromwell for the cider and apples the village is famed for.

Since that time Anders has put his strength and common sense to good use; using his initial stake of coin to train with sword and bow and then taking up the path of a free sword. He now adventures when the fancy takes him and hires his arm when his purse is feeling light and fortune is low.

Current Events
The small hamlet of Cromwell, found to the northwesterly border of Okarr's Woods is home to approximately 40 humans. The settlement itself is quiet, orderly yet notable for the relative level of wealth of the residents. This is due in the main to the unusual variety of apple grown in the locale; Cromwell's Crown.  The Crown apple orchards are well established and thrive in the environment; the soil and climate are ideal for the fruit.

Associated with the orchards are the famous presses and alembic pot stills which produce the Crown cider and apple brandy.  Currently as the apples have ripened and are harvested the population of Cromwell has temporarily swelled as visitors and merchants arrive for the renowned Crown Apple Festival.  Serious business is conducted as the merchants haggle for produce, and the villagers hold the Thanksgiving Ritual. 

Cider producers and connoisseurs partake of tastings and festival rosettes are awarded to those held in high regard. The producer of the finest beverage, as acknowledged by his peers, is gifted the Cromwell Keg, a small oaken barrel bound with silver rings and stamped both with the mark of the Cromwell Crown and the year.

One of the more unusual events is the barrel bobbing race; entrants must drink a full yard of cider before being sent crashing down from the head of the local river within a battered brewer's barrel. The first of the foolhardy contestants to pass under the village bridge is declared the years victor and awarded the title of "Barrel Rider".

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