Sunday 21 June 2020

Father's Day Loot: RBC Spell Tracker

Welcome back to the Vault!  As I've indicated in recent posts I'm participating in several online RPGs to get my gaming fix and that includes a weekly 5th edition D&D campaign.

I'm really enjoying the adventures of Immerel the druid as he and his comrades battle a force of giants and the ogre-ish allies.  5th edition uses a different magic system compared to my more familiar "go to" 3rd edition.  In essence Immerel "prepares" a number of spells from his possible selection each day and can then cast any combination using his spell slots of different levels.

My daughters are obviously aware of my enjoyment of this game as they've given me the perfect present for Father's Day; a spell tracker peg board!

I'm a sucker for a good piece of gaming/hobby paraphernalia and this fits the bill perfectly; you set the pegs into the slots and simply remove them as your character casts his spells.  So if Immerel were to cast his Call Lightning (a level 3 spell) the board looks like this:

I am perfectly aware that pencil and paper can achieve the same result, but this is a lot cooler!

Loose pegs can be stowed safely away in a funky little box:

The box needed to be assembled (not a difficult task), and is suitably etched so as not to be confused with other funky little boxes. I like the coffer design.

As and when we get back to playing at the club I'll probably transfer the pegs to a ziplock back as they and the board will fit neatly inside my dice tray.

So yet another reason to look forward to next session; can't wait to use my new toy!  If this post has piqued your interest, then you can find the board and box (two separate products) over at Red Berry Craft's Amazon store. (And to be clear this was a family gift, I am in no way associated with RBC).