Monday, 22 April 2019

The joy of a well stocked Bitz Box

Welcome back to the Vault once more! I've been spending some time de-cluttering the house (saying good bye to books long since read and clothes too tatty even for me to wear), and of course this leads me to think about the Hobby Mountain.

I am a self-confessed hoarder of games and models (both painted and unpainted). And especially unused model components. Whilst I'm not ready to bid "bon voyage" to any of my gaming stuff  (although I feel a swell of ruthlessness coming on), I have been assembling some kits and clipping Bitz (components) off the sprue to clear space on the shelves.

When you've been in the war gaming hobby for a while the Bitz Box can get quite deep, and this allows you to pull tricks like this off:

One Primaris Ancient (Standard Bearer) courtesy of:

  • An Easy To Build Intercessor
  • Intercessor Left arm with Rifle
  • Standard and Arm from the Space Marine Command Squad

The mix of regular and bigly Marine bitz goes together surprisingly well.

I sort my Bitz in a vaguely logical manner, first by Faction (so all marine Bitz in one place, all Guard Bitz in another) and then by type (heads, weapons, etc.). The local hardware store is great for finding boxes to put the Bitz into!

Scion Heads
Guard Heavy Weapons
I also keep a small stock of hobby materials (plasticard, brass rod, green stuff, foam board) for impromptu projects as well.  Among the models I've built are a squad of Primaris Inceptors, and the flight stands they come with are awful; I really don't want to have glue the models to fragile plastic rods.

Time for Old Faithful; brass rod!

The rod is pushed into the models so they can be removed for ease of transportation, and glued into the bases.  The Mechanicum bases have convenient circles underneath to aid the drilling which I've then covered them with a scrap of plasticard to help with the subsequent gluing.

I hope I've managed to convince you of the benefits of keeping your own Bitz Boxes. I've managed to swap Bitz with local hobbyists as well; it's always great to help a mate out and may be save a few quid in the process.

This week hasn't just been about building and tidying; I've put some more paint onto the Incubi.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read; next weekend is scheduled for both D&D and Mayhem practice, so there will be plenty to blog about.

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