Sunday, 19 March 2017

Power from Paint: Reavers ready to raid!

Hello again my fellow Archons. First up a warning; this post is pretty picture heavy.

I have had a big push over the last couple of weekends and got the Reavers up to table top standard! I'm pretty pleased with how they are looking. Whilst there are more details I could add, and I'm not particularly happy about how the heat lances are sitting with their magnets I feel it is time to draw a line and move onto the next set of units for the Mayhem tournament.

That's a lesson hard learnt from painting for other events; don't over do a few models and then fail to get the whole project complete in time. Get everything to a consistent standard and then go back and "improve" models if you have the time to spare.

So enough words for a while; picture time!

Splinter Pod Reavers

Next up the Splinter Pod and Grav Talon armed bikes.

Also armed with stabby knives.
And the Heat Lance special weapons.

Flowing locks and laser guns! Pew Pew!
And a few group shots.

The pic is a bit off centre. Whoops.
Closer up 1

Closer up 2
The top down views also shows off another little hint; all the special weapon models can be distinguished from this view:
  • Heat Lances all have the blue pony tails
  • Grav Talons are have quad tail fins or have riders wielding knives.
And finally a sarge upgrade type. The chains are spare from a Venom kit if I recall correctly.

Yes I am hooked on bad captions

So ready to rock the table top. And next time I'll be reporting on some of my Dark Eldar in action!

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