Sunday 26 March 2017

Power from Paint: Dark Eldar in action

Welcome back to my little piece of Commorragh once more.

Another picture laden post; this time reporting from a multi player Kill Team game held at the First Founding Games Club on a recent Friday night.  The scenario rules precluded the Reaver Jet Bikes from being used, so it was time to see what other forces I could muster. I decided on a mix of Kabalite warriors and the oh so pretty Hellions.

Green Goblin Groupies. Except they aren't Green. Or Goblins.

Obviously a bad ass. You can tell by the hair do.

Show off!
And on to the game itself. Alex (aka Epitude Rusk) and Dave G run a few of these multiplayer fests each year and there's always an eager group of 40kers waiting to sign up. This game was no exception with seven of us playing on the evening and Dave having to cat herd us through the game.

So  here's a random selection of pictures taken by Zero One aka The Emperor's Plumber aka Kanan! He's a whizz with a camera, and his pictures are a lot better than mine ever seem to turn out. I'll provide a bit of narrative, but this is really about enjoying the lovely terrain.

The Space Hulk!
The scenario involved the players needing to escape the crashing Space Hulk. We entered from the right board edge and needed to escape via the teleport pads on the left. Bonus points could be earned by collecting loot crates along the way. 

And once we escaped from the Hulk we arrived here:

Hope there are no Predators lurking.
Pick a teleport pylon and then scatter. Exit from the left side to "escape" the Jungle. Points were earned for each model that escapes. Players also earned points for opposing models and Warlords killed.

Teams were drawn up, and play commenced:

Snikrot and his Sneaky Boyz
 Neil deploys his nicely painted and very thematic Kommandos, led by Boss Snikrot himself.

Spiky and Not Spiky Eldar.
I'm paired up with Pete and his nasty combo of Warp Spiders and Rangers. The plan was to bundle off the Hulk as quick as we could, snagging a crate or two along the way.

The plan lasted roughly the length of turn 1.

The Dark Angels advanced past a closed door. It was too tempting. I opened the door and jumped through hoping to decimate the unsuspecting Veterans.

Unfortunately Hellions are actually a bit crap in this edition. Especially when the Marine saves are rolling hot.

That didn't go well
I take out a couple of Vets with shooting including scalping the Warlord, then bounce off Power Armour in the assault phase. Orks and Dark Angels then counter attack. Doh!

Spot the Dark Eldar competition. There is one!
My poor space pixies soak some fire for a couple of turns with a single Hellion and Kabalite making it through the first few turns. Luckily my Eldar chum is racking up kills and collecting crates. 

 One poor Kabalite makes it to the planet surface. The escape edge looks teasingly close, just within reach. He runs, but can't out run Tau fire power. Boom! Game over man!

Luckily the Eldar fare better; getting models and crates off the table, which combined with the kills we've made mean we take second place. Go Team Eldar!

Alex will no doubt do a full write up. If you've enjoyed this then check out his blog (Epitude Rusk); link on the Blog Roll at the side.

This was a useful play test experience for me; I'd been debating taking the Hellions to the Mayhem tournament but they just don't cut it in a competitive list (especially considering they compete for Reavers in Fast Attack Slots). This is a shame as they are lovely models, and I'm quite proud of how mine look. Still, there's plenty of time to change my mind again :P

Thanks for reading, and see you next time my fellow Archons!

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