Wednesday 10 May 2023

Warsmith's Words: Mayhem! Trophies!

 Welcome back to the Vault. I had a fantastic day at the Mayhem tournament. Gaming wise I placed 13th out of 30 having games against Votann, Iron Hands and a mirror match into a Iron Warriors. 

I won against the Iron Hands, and suffered two losses. Regardless of the results all the games were good fun and I'd love to play against any of my opponents again.  The opposing Iron Warriors list had some interesting unit selections which has got me thinking about what to build and paint next.

Putting the gaming to one side I did take home a trophy. Varchilde's IV legion were awarded Best Painted Army! Absolutely chuffed to have won this, and it now has pride of place on the shelf in the front room.

An amazing way to start a week's holiday. I'm indulging in some painting, including trying out my Badger Airbrush, and played a cheeky game of Boarding Action (Carcharodons vs Tyranids).

I'd finished my latest Iron Warriors model prior to Mayhem, but couldn't find the points to put it in the list. Hopefully this Leviathan Dreadnought will hit the table top soon.

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