Monday 8 January 2018

Varchilde's Vault is a year old!

Varchilde's Vault is celebrating it's first anniversary and I can't believe how quickly the year has gone! I started writing the blog as a means of collating my ramblings about the different games I play and hobby projects I muck about with and I've had a lot of fun in the process.

In fact starting the Vault has led me into different hobby areas that I really didn't expect including:

  • Hosting demos at the club for Frostgrave
  • Wargame Campaign and scenario writing
  • Writing games and gear reviews 
  • Becoming a Guest Writer over at Multiverse
I even commissioned a piece of art inspired by my favourite D&D module!

Still looks bloody cool!

I'm not writing a full retrospective; the posts are all there if you want to read them (feel free to use the Labels to filter to the topics which interest you).  However I thought it would be fun to share the Top 5 most popular posts of the year. It's certainly an interesting mix!

At Number 5 I introduced the blogoverse to the United Colours of Minion; my Dropzone Commander force.

Big Yellow and Shooty
At Number 4 we visited The Keep on the Borderland.

Did you guess right?
At Number 3 the Cult of the Sand Viper waged war at Octoberfest.

I love my Evil Space Pixies!
At Number 2 we found out about the ridiculously funny card game, Constipated Cow. Moo!

That's roughly how I look after a year of blogging :P
But the most popular post of the year, at Number 1, was my advice on how to shout at little army men:
Colonel Staysback was not surprised at all given his strategic genius.
That's another medal to add to his impressive collection!
What can we look forward to in 2018? It's looking like another full on year of the hobby butterflies as I jump from project to project. Currently on the horizon we have:

Dungeons and Dragons
I have high hopes for D&D in 2018, with the rejuvenation of the Vault of Larin Karr campaign, and fingers crossed for a restart of the adventures within The Vault of the Iron Overlord.  There's some 5th edition D&D being played at First Founding currently and I'm hoping to get my first experience of the latest version.

There's quite a lot of interest in Frostgrave locally, with requests for demo/intro games before we kick off The Rune Stone Race campaign at the club in March. I ought to paint some new models for the campaign as well.

Warhammer 40,000
40K is currently holding my attention gaming wise; you can look forward to hobby posts as I slap paint on the Carcharodons, and gaming posts as I try to win games with them.

Board Games
Whilst I don't post a lot about board games, I do play quite a few. I'll try and write some posts about the board and card gaming side of life; both the shiny new games and the old favourites!

And finally there are the Events: the Mayhem Tournament is in the diary, and we are planning an Open Gaming day at the Club. I'd like to attend more events than I managed last year.

Thank you all for taking time to read about my hobby antics over the last year, and I hope you'll stay around to see what 2018 has to offer. I may even get the chance to play a game or two with you!

Stay Tuned Venturers!

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