Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fifty Word Fiction: Generating background material for The Gift.

I’m really bad at writing my gaming ideas down; especially anything related to background material for my D&D campaigns and adventures. However, I’m sure I’ve read that common advice given to aspiring writers is “Just write. Get in the habit. Do it daily. Discipline yourself”.

I don’t see myself as future novelist any time soon (I’ll leave that to the talented and deserves to be published Joy Kluver , see the blog links) but maybe I can use this approach to generate and document some ideas for The Gift campaign setting and some of my other RPGs.

Caption writing counts doesn't it?
So the challenge I’m setting myself is 50 words per day. Doesn’t sound like much but if I manage 5 days a week that’s 13000 words! That’s huge! My plan is to pick a topic each week, and write a brief piece around that topic each day; then I’ll post each week’s effort as a set. Can I do it? Let’s see what the first fifty words look like.

First topic: Notable locations.

The Broken Vow

“The Broken Vow” is the nickname given to the Dwarven Tower more properly called “Garik’s Watch”. Located in the foot hills to the east of the Borderlands, here the Human and Dwarven allies met during the war to discuss strategy and swap news of their foes; the servants of Elemental Evil.

It was also where the dwarf Thane Garik delivered the news that the alliance was to end; the Dwarven Council had decreed they were to close the gate from Moradin’s Crest to the Borderlands; they would lose no more of their kin to war.

Years later, the tower still stands; a sign of the broken alliance and what still feels like a great betrayal. The Borderlands folk gave the Watch its bitter name.

Final note: it's actually closer to 120 words. Easy!

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