Sunday, 23 April 2017

Power from Paint: Ravagers

Greetings once again my fellow Archons. Work continues in the forges as the Cult of the Sand Viper prepare for Mayhem, and my attention has turned towards the vehicle pool. Dark Eldar have a number of iconic vehicles including the Raider and Venom transports and the subject of today's article, the fearsome Ravager!

Pew Pew

Saturday, 15 April 2017

BatRep: Grey Knights vs Dark Angels

Welcome back to the Vault. Today's article is a brief write up of a recent 40K game I played at my local club the First Founding.

My opponent for the evening was Kanan, who as usual would be bringing his Dark Angels, and taking the pretty pictures included in the blog. We play 40K fairly regularly and these games are never serious and always a lot of fun. Be warned this article is pic heavy and detail light; I didn't take notes and as my memory is rubbish I'm sure to have forgotten things and got things wrong.

We agreed on 1850 points, which is a rare treat as I have been playing a lot of Kill Team (200 points), and 1000 point games recently. So this was an opportunity to bust out my favourite army; the might sons of Titan, the Grey Knights!

Librarian and Terminator Bodyguards

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Frostgrave Demo at First Founding Games Club

Hello once again, and welcome to the follow up to the "Terrain Junkie" article.

I'm a member of the First Founding Games Club based in Chessington, SW London, which has a thriving membership and sees a lot of different games being played on a regular basis. A lot of members are keen to try out different systems and I was recently asked to run a Frostgrave demo event which I was more than happy to support.

First Founding

Sunday, 2 April 2017

I think I might be a terrain junkie

Hi and thanks for dropping by the Vault once again. I've been in hobby butterfly mode recently; whilst I should be cracking on and painting more Dark Eldar for Mayhem I rather rashly agreed to run a Frostgrave intro game or two at the club in the near future. So my hobby time has been split between building warbands from my Fantasy model collection, and sorting some terrain out.

And that's the focus of this post; the joy of collecting and putting together a good looking set of terrain on a gaming table. I'll share a few pictures and some ideas on where to pick stuff up.

Skull Mountain; courtesy of the local Aquarium shop

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Power from Paint: Dark Eldar in action

Welcome back to my little piece of Commorragh once more.

Another picture laden post; this time reporting from a multi player Kill Team game held at the First Founding Games Club on a recent Friday night.  The scenario rules precluded the Reaver Jet Bikes from being used, so it was time to see what other forces I could muster. I decided on a mix of Kabalite warriors and the oh so pretty Hellions.

Green Goblin Groupies. Except they aren't Green. Or Goblins.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Power from Paint: Reavers ready to raid!

Hello again my fellow Archons. First up a warning; this post is pretty picture heavy.

I have had a big push over the last couple of weekends and got the Reavers up to table top standard! I'm pretty pleased with how they are looking. Whilst there are more details I could add, and I'm not particularly happy about how the heat lances are sitting with their magnets I feel it is time to draw a line and move onto the next set of units for the Mayhem tournament.

That's a lesson hard learnt from painting for other events; don't over do a few models and then fail to get the whole project complete in time. Get everything to a consistent standard and then go back and "improve" models if you have the time to spare.

So enough words for a while; picture time!

Splinter Pod Reavers

Friday, 17 March 2017

Fifty Word Fiction: An exercise in character background generation

In between the excitement of new artwork and painting spiky jet bikes I am continuing with my daily writing challenge also known as Fifty Word Fiction.  I've written a couple of one off pieces I might throw into an article at some point in the future, but the current focus has been writing a character background.

I love it when players put some thought into their characters beyond "I put the highest stat roll into Strength and take Weapon Focus in Great Sword", and this is one tried and trusted way to do just that; develop a back story by answering a questionnaire.

Let's give it a go.

This is a sword, not a character concept