Sunday, 6 August 2017

Power from Paint: Wracking my brains

Once more we stride into the Web Way brave readers! Following on from our last visit to Commorragh where we discussed the value of Command Points and how these can be gained from the Battalion detachment, this time I'd like to spend some time musing about those compulsory Troop choices we need to take!

Guess which trooper is new to my collection?

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fifty Word Fiction: The Sapphire Sword

Welcome back to the Vault dear readers, and a happy (belated) International Gary Gygax Day to the role players among you.  The day in question was the 27th July, but I figured you wouldn't complain about a late breaking D&D article.

So today I've got another installment of Fifty Word Fiction, focused on defining a NPC's background using a simple questionnaire. However this NPC is a little different; it's a magical blade found within The Gift (my homebrew campaign setting) called The Sapphire Sword.

The Sapphire Sword.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Power from Paint: The Point of Command

Is it time to raid once again my fellow Archons? I feel it must be so! I have had a game scheduled against Paul's Sisters of Battle and have been thinking about how to change my army list since last month's multi player game. In particular I've been wanting to move my force from a Patrol Detachment to a Battalion. And that means an extra compulsory HQ choice to go along side my Archon and 3 Troop choices.

Must be 40K: Skulls.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Power from Paint: A Murder of Crows

Welcome back to the Vault once again. With Critical Engagement now a week behind me, my hobby focus has turned back again to 40K, 8th edition and my lovely lovely Dark Eldar.  The new edition has of course brought about some changes to the pecking order of the usefulness of different units and that's an excuse to build some new kits!

My local games store (Warhammer Kingston) is participating in the summer global campaign entitled "The Fate of Konor", and I've signed up to take part, hoping to get a few games in and as a focus for the next push on modelling and painting.

The Konor System; rated 5 Stars on RaidAdviser

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Dropzone Commander: From Boot Camp to the Front Line: Critical Engagement 17

Hello Commanders!

I am writing this entry fresh on heels of attending my first Dropzone Commander event; the Critical Engagement 17 tournament run at First Founding Club. I'm a relative novice at Dropzone, and well out of practice. In fact until Friday evening I hadn't even played a game this year. I'm sure there will be other blogs doing a blow by blow of the day (see the side bar for the likely suspects) so I've decided to scribble some thoughts about attending a tournament for the first time, in case any of you are considering doing so in future. It's all good advice for any game system.

So first up a lack of practice:  MegaMike from the Orbital Bombardment crowd offered to give me a refresher game and my UCM took on the gribbly alien Scourge. Despite the unfortunate scene below, the UCM prevailed and I squeaked out a win.

Apparently Alien Space Crabs will eat anything!
Mike gave a great piece of advice which was to stand me in good stead for the competition itself: "Play the Mission".

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Dropzone Commander: Phoenix Down

Hello readers, and welcome once again for another thrilling installment of Varchilde paints bright yellow tanks. This weekend has been the last chance to get paint on my UCM models before Critical Engagement 17 next Saturday, and I've finished the big boys this weekend, the Ferrum and the Phoenix.

Insert obligatory related image here ^^

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Power from Paint: New Hammer Boot Camp

Welcome back to the Vault my fellow Archons. This weekend has seen the UCM put to one side as the gang got together for our inaugural game of 8th edition. The Cult of the Sand Viper (my Dark Eldar forces) faced off in battle against Duncan's Space Wolves, and Paul's lovely new Sisters of Battle force.

We were a man down on our usual gang of four, so decided to try out a 3 way game so we could learn the rules as a group, and luckily the new 40K rule book has a really rather good set of multi player rules and mission.

Typical Dark Eldar cowardy custard deployment