Sunday, 29 January 2017

40K Mayhem Tournament: What to take?

I play 40K at the First Founding Club in Chessington, and the two highlights of our Grim Dark calendar are the Mayhem and Octoberfest tournaments (can you guess when they occur?).  I've been scratching my head for a little while as to which army to take to the next Mayhem and I've decided this weekend.

Drumroll ...

Building the suspense

Ha! Not letting you know that quickly! You clicked the link so I know you are interested!

It's not these guys. Even though I've finished painting them up for the January painting challenge.

Sorry chaps. May be next time.

For the last couple of events I've taken lists based on armies I already own and used the opportunity to add and paint some new models for the collection. Last year my Lightbringer Space Marines and the Cadian 82nd Imperial Guard graced the tables at Mayhem and October respectively. And I'm going to keep with that approach.

The mighty Wyvern. 65 points of utter filth.

The Mayhem army composition rules have traditionally been very straight forward; 1000 points and single faction. This year the rules are slightly more complex, with the added restrictions of a "main" detachment type, minimum 200 points investment in troops and a single extra formation. So what does this mean for my choice of army?

Not a lot actually! My army lists aren't normally that whacky, especially in tournaments when I don't want to forget rules and abilities, so a Combined Arms Detachment or similar is usually fine by me.

I'm taking something fast, killy, and generally seen as an underdog army in the current meta. It's time to embrace my inner Archon; it's time for the return of the Cult of the Sand Viper to the table top. 

It's time for the Dark Eldar!

Dark Eldar: They are Shooty!

And also Stabby/Crawly!
I'm not going to spill the beans on the actual list just yet, as it's bound to change between now and Mayhem. Plus the lovely new Eldar models doing the rounds on the rumour sites are hopefully due out soon and (fingers crossed) will be suitably dirty and usable in a Dark Eldar force as well.

So lots of Power From Pain over the next few months. First up; I'll be taking a Dark Eldar list to the March to Victory Kill Team day. More on that next time.

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