Sunday, 14 April 2019

Power from Paint: On a Mission

Mid April is now upon us. And for the local 40K community that means a frenzy of list writing, painting and practice games in advance of Mayhem our club tournament.

I have a few list ideas in mind and whilst I procrastinate through making a final decision, I have started painting a few models which might make it through to the final cut.

I've primed a pimped-up Raider which has been languishing on the pile of Unpainted Stuff for far too long:

Almost self aware this vile creation welcomes all into it's loving embrace!

The Raider will receive the standard Sand Viper colour scheme (there's a guide here), with some lovely, purplish tentacles I think.

Long term readers will know I favour Venom spam in my Dark Eldar lists, but the Raider does serve to fill a couple of gaps:

  • Another opportunity for a Dizzie Cannon, 
  • I can run Archon Varchilde plus an associated unit in a single transport (stupid 5 man limit on Venoms)

And who should accompany the Archon into battle? If you throw enough loot at the Mercenaries can you trust them? Let's ask the Incubi!

Most of the base colours slapped onto these gents! Whilst I like the pukka Incubi sculpts they suffer from being Finecast and are therefore Evil; luckily plastic AoS Executioners fit the requirements of being Elfy and Choppy and Not Finecast.


Long time readers will also know that I enjoy writing adventures and scenarios for different gaming systems. I wrote a mission for First Founding's inaugural Doubles 40K event, and I guess the feedback was favourable because I've been asked to write a mission for Mayhem.  So here's Tactical Gambit:

We've had the opportunity to play test this mission a few times, and it's a lot of fun. I wanted players to have a say in terms of either (i) how much board control they believe they can exert or (ii) how lucky they feel! A gun line can sit pretty with 2 VP per turn for Home, and make a push for the middle but the temptation of 6VP per turn for taking Away is pretty enticing for aggressive players!

Play test has seen players use different strategies and reasons for their objective selection, including the terrain available around each objective. I hope the Mayhem attendees enjoy playing it!

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