Sunday, 2 July 2017

Dropzone Commander: Phoenix Down

Hello readers, and welcome once again for another thrilling installment of Varchilde paints bright yellow tanks. This weekend has been the last chance to get paint on my UCM models before Critical Engagement 17 next Saturday, and I've finished the big boys this weekend, the Ferrum and the Phoenix.

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First up is the Ferrum which received the usual mix of black and dirty yellow before being hit with the black wash.

Right side

Top view

Left side
I do think the Ferrum is bit of a silly looking model, but it is very useful on the table top with the Drones providing an awful lot of flexibility.

And finally we have the Commander's ride; the Phoenix.

Phoenix Top

Phoenix Front

Phoenix Side
I've only done a minimal paint job on the Phoenix, in part to being time poor before the tournament next weekend, but more due to being a bit intimidated by the model! The weathering has been okay on the tanks, but I'm not sold on the paint scheme on my drop ships and the boss ship is a hell of a block of resin to muck up. So I've painted the canopies (looking not too shabby), and washing all the metals. 

So it's bright and bold, and will be christened for the tournament as Big Yellow!

The Phoenix is another wonderfully flexible model, covering off AT and some AA duty, and this theme is carried through my list with the Hazard Suits which provide some decent AT and when they aren't firing can search for objectives.

My biggest concern is the lack of AA in the list (see below), but with only a 1000 points to play with I had to make some sacrifices somewhere; there's 4 or 5 units with light AA so fingers crossed that will do. I think the missions being played will require a decent amount of infantry units, and I'm not convinced Legionnaires will suffice. 

Any good? We'll know this time next week.
So just enough time for a practice game with Mega Mike before the event, and then the big day. I'll be sure to report back with a summary of the day. Thanks for reading!

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