Sunday, 5 March 2017

Power from Paint: Seeing Red

Greetings Hobby Fans! Time for another thrilling installment in the Power from Paint series where I slooowly work my through some Dark Eldar Reinforcements.

I had grand plans for this article to show off some pictures from the Kill Team event I ran at our club's open gaming day this weekend, but all my snaps were rubbish! Everything I took was essentially in shadow which is fine if you are an actual Dark Eldar but a bit of let down if you want to see anything.

So lets talk hobby instead. I realised this evening that I don't think I'd shown any of my painted Dark Eldar for reference. Let's correct that:

Haemonculus; this guy was my Warlord for a long time!

So this is a fairly unusual colour palette for Dark Eldar; lots of brown, red and purple with bronze/copper metallics.

Kabalite Warriors from the Cult of the Sand Viper

I want my Reaver Jet Bikes to run a similar scheme. I've started with AP Wood Brown spray (as seen when playing with magnets last time):

Yep, that's brown.
And I've spent an hour or two slapping some base colour on:

Red ones go faster apparently
So a lovely dark red for the canopies (GW red gore), with a fairly splodgy edge highlight (Hot Orange?); the highlights look OK on the 3' rule so not too worried about those.

Also started working on the metallic colourings on the fins; (GW Warplock Bronze, then Hashut Copper, finally adding Chainmail highlights). Decided that the Copper was too close to the AP Brown, so I will be adding some red to the fins to break the blocks up.

 And of course this is batch painting, so I've been working on the whole dozen:

Happy with the progress!
I think I'll need to pick up the pace though; I've got a lot to paint before the Mayhem tournament.

Until next time!


  1. Looking Good Bryan. The jet bikes have real impact as a group. Really like your bases for them.

  2. Thanks Amit! It's been ages since I've painted any Dark Eldar and I'm struggling to remember some of the "recipe". They are coming along nicely though.